We traveled from Washington DC to Budapest for our wedding ceremony in September 2011. Víg László was our chosen photographer and we have congratulated ourselves many times for making that choice. Our first impressions came through his website, which was the basis for selecting him and where the quality of his work made him stand out in a highly competitive field of many. Our next impressions continued the positive trend, when we met him and found a most personable, friendly, good-humored professional willing to joke and banter as he set about the serious business of capturing superb photos. We were impressed by his logistical set up, which not only provided transportation during our pre and post-wedding photos shoots, but also included the help of his faithful assistant, Attila, whose support to László was instrumental to the success of the project. But the good impressions did not stop there: László’s ability to establish a rapport and a close connection with his subjects was a key factor in creating a human environment that could be photographed to best advantage. Finally, our sense of satisfaction was complete upon receiving the final products: a superbly edited online slideshow, and on disc a set of color and black and white photo collections that will remain a treasure of memories for the rest of our lives.

In specific terms, László’s ability to capture a moment, a split-second reaction, a mood, an emotion, was all-too evident in the products he delivered. Another remarkable quality of his craft is his superb ability to extract the essence of a shot and to reproduce it with incomparable artistic flair. His ability to use contrasts between light and dark give his work an arresting presence. His skillful use of commonplace, familiar and otherwise subdued backdrops and then turn them into stunning settings full of vitality and charm, is beyond comparison. His command of action scenes is a delight, capturing movement with utmost precision to render a picture exciting, humorous or romantic as the case may be. A careful analysis of László’s work can yield a plethora of other virtues, but the most cherished of all for us was his uncanny ability to capture the emotions of the day faithfully and to transmit the power of those emotions with the eye and the craft of a true artist.

His professional attitude, together with his affable, gentle and personable demeanor were pleasant surprises and welcome bonuses, and it’s absolutely clear to us that such spontaneity and joyful management of the human element were also determining factors in the excellence of the end product.

We cannot recommend László’s work highly enough. To any aspiring wedding couples we can only say that hiring him could be, as it was for us, the second-best decision you could make as a couple, right behind the decision to get married!

Ildikó & Ricardo
Washington DC
September 28, 2011